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April 30, 2010

My POA (Plan Of Action)

Having travelled, done uni, travelled a bit more, done some volunteering and lived abroad for a while I have finally landed myself a great job in Bristol and I am extremely excited about all that is to come in the next few years!

Bristol is a great city for twentysomethingers (or young professionals) and at about 40 minutes from my family home it feels like the ideal place for me to finally settle down and focus on making a life for myself.  Over the last 6 years I have lived the life of a nomad, never staying more than a few months in the same place and constantly missing something or someone.  I have had some fantastic experiences but now I feel like I´ve finally reached that twentysomething stage in life when I actually want to settle and make a home for myself.

It´s not going to be easy – mortgage rates are at a high, unemployment is at a high and public moral is at a low… but I am positive and I am sure that through hard work, persistence and a bit of inspiration it can be done.

I haven´t thought far ahead – my main aim at the moment is to SAVE; I will live with my parents for as long as I can bear, save as much as I can and go from there.

My first bit of research will be about the best saving accounts and as I find information and advice I will share (keep checking money stuff for any updates).

My other plan is to start collecting furniture, crockery, accessories and other bits and bobs for my home.  This is the bit I am MOST excited about!  I love interior design and my imagination is already running wild but I AM a novice so I am going to learn as I go along and will also share all my progress in the making a home category.

Right… here goes!