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June 6, 2010

fun stuff {a brighter Monday}

Fabulous print that would definitely brighten up your Monday morning, $20 at Etsy

June 2, 2010

making a home {rugs}

When living in a rental or even when you move into your first home the spaces can feel empty, dull and not you.  Restrictions on painting walls and DIY in rentals also make it difficult to make the place feel like a home. 

Rugs are a great way of making a room warm and welcoming while bringing a bit of your style to your rented accommodation.  Furthermore – in keeping with our idea of buying pieces now that you can then take with you when you eventually buy your own home – rugs are a good long-lasting investment.

Typically when one thinks of rugs you imagine them by the fireplace or in the bedroom, however they can actually be used to brighten up every room in the house. 

Check out some of these ideas for inspiration:

Living room

 House to home


House to home


Living Etc

The Decoritsa


Living Etc

Bar area (OK dreaming now … but maybe one day)

Bright Bizarre

Dining room

Next Online


House to home


House to home

Even… Outside!

House to home


May 30, 2010

happiness {Sunday breakfast}

Image House to Home

Have a great Sunday!

May 28, 2010

fun stuff {Friday five}

Our Friday Five this week is actually six because we couldn´t decide which one should go….

…Six of the best SUMMER songs from the past!

If you are getting ready to go somewhere tonight whack these up LOUD… they will bring back some great memories and I think we have got something in there for everyone!

Len: Steal My Sunshine

The Drifters : Under the Boardwalk

Nelly feat. City Spud : Ride Wit Me

Mungo Jerry : In the Summertime

Snoopdog feat. Pharell : Beautiful

Toploader : Dancing in the Moonlight

Have a great bank holiday weekend!

May 26, 2010

fun stuff {hump day}

Its hump day…

May 24, 2010

fun stuff {a brighter Monday}

What will be dangling off your motivation helmet today?

Image courtesy of Moonpig

May 22, 2010

fun stuff {happy weekend}

This weekend I would like to be here thank you please…

I have always had a bit of an obcession with Mauritius and the luxury cabins you see over the water.

For now I will have to keep on dreaming… but one day I will go!

May 20, 2010

great gifts {doorganizer}

If you have a birthday coming up or one of your friends is moving into a new house and you would like to get them something but don´t want to spend too much, this is a great little gift:

The DOORGANIZER this is one of those things that you don´t realise you can´t live without until you discover it!

I am always leaving myself little piles of thing that I must not forget and then end up forgetting because they are not in my path as I storm towards the door late for work!

You can get this great little gift for £9.95 from Pelican Pear

May 17, 2010

fun stuff {A brighter Monday}

To brighten up your Monday I though I would share with you one of the great images from Moonpig – a fantastic website that has saved me the embarrassment of late birthday card arrival on numerous occasions.

This is pretty much how my Monday will go!

May 14, 2010

fun stuff {happy weekend}

I would like to wear this outfit this weekend please.
I would also like the weather to be good enough to wear this outfit this weekend please.

Paintbrush flower playsuit, £38, Topshop // Rose headband, £8, Topshop

Rose buckle grosgrain belt, £15, Topshop // Neely bag, £650, Mulberry

Opening Ceremony Gladiator Oxford brogues, £230, Selfridges // Cameo charmed necklace, £10, Topshop