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May 28, 2010

fun stuff {Friday five}

Our Friday Five this week is actually six because we couldn´t decide which one should go….

…Six of the best SUMMER songs from the past!

If you are getting ready to go somewhere tonight whack these up LOUD… they will bring back some great memories and I think we have got something in there for everyone!

Len: Steal My Sunshine

The Drifters : Under the Boardwalk

Nelly feat. City Spud : Ride Wit Me

Mungo Jerry : In the Summertime

Snoopdog feat. Pharell : Beautiful

Toploader : Dancing in the Moonlight

Have a great bank holiday weekend!

May 14, 2010

fun stuff {Friday Five} 90s fads

We all love a bit of reminiscing over past fads!

Here are our top 5 from growing up in the 90s:

(1) Tamagotchis

Image courtesy of where you can purchase a range of new and improved Tamagotchis!

(2) Rainbow Dust Straws

Image courtesy of Sweetieworld

These finally got banned at my school because of the mess they made!

(3) Shagbands!!!

Image courtesy of Time-Bomb that claims to sell the cheapest Shagbands on the net.

Rumour had it that if someone broke one of your shagbands… you would have to sh*g them!!!!!

(4) YoYos

Image courtesy of Duncan YoYos

If a boy could show you his Sleeper and Around the World he was potential marriage material!

(5) Conkers:

Image courtesy of the Conker World Championships Website

Ahhhh the memories of a great game of conkers!  My 85-er was legendary.  My brother and I spent hours bathing them in vinagre and cooking them in the microwave to try to make ours harder!

May 7, 2010

fun stuff {Friday Five} old school songs

This week we have been delving back in time, reliving some of the classic old-school songs that we grew up with!

This will make a great Friday playlist at work or studying – you Twenty Someythingers should recognise them all!

Here are our top 5:

(1) {Berri – Sunshine after the rain}

(2) {No Mercy – Where do you go}

(3) {Sweet Female Attitude – Flowers}

(4) {Hanson – MMMBop}

(5) {Lumidee – Never leave you Ft. Fabolous & Busta Rhymes}

Hope you all have a great weekend!