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June 2, 2010

making a home {rugs}

When living in a rental or even when you move into your first home the spaces can feel empty, dull and not you.  Restrictions on painting walls and DIY in rentals also make it difficult to make the place feel like a home. 

Rugs are a great way of making a room warm and welcoming while bringing a bit of your style to your rented accommodation.  Furthermore – in keeping with our idea of buying pieces now that you can then take with you when you eventually buy your own home – rugs are a good long-lasting investment.

Typically when one thinks of rugs you imagine them by the fireplace or in the bedroom, however they can actually be used to brighten up every room in the house. 

Check out some of these ideas for inspiration:

Living room

 House to home


House to home


Living Etc

The Decoritsa


Living Etc

Bar area (OK dreaming now … but maybe one day)

Bright Bizarre

Dining room

Next Online


House to home


House to home

Even… Outside!

House to home


May 29, 2010

making a home {trays}

Whether living in rented accommodation or your own home the same issue always occurs as to what to do with the bits and bobs that we use everyday that aren´t particularly pretty or easy on the eye.  The answer is… trays.  A tray can make your toiletries, your coffee table, even your alcohol collection look organized.

Take a look at some of these examples:

A great way of storing TV remotes and other bits that clutter up your living room.

Ideal home magazine

All those creams, hair brushes, cotton wool and other bits that you use everyday and therefore need at hand.

House to Home

Magazines, photos and everything else that finds its way to the coffee table.

The Decorista

Plush Palate

Alcohol and mixers.

Southern Accents

Ugly washing up.

Plush Palate

The Decorista

As always I have had a look around the wonderful world of vintage and found the following great bargains:

$30 Etsy

$30 Etsy

£14.95 Ebay

Or if you are not a fan of vintage Ikea has a great collection:


If you have got a bit more money to spend this gorgeous hand-painted tray is worth the hit to the bank balance:

$350 The Well Appointed House

Happy organizing!

May 23, 2010

making a home {mix and match chairs}

When decorating a home one of the more costly pieces that we must invest in and one which will have a big influence on the overall look of the main living space is a set of dining table and chairs.  Matching dining table and chairs can be extremely expensive and the cheaper sets tend to look tacky and damage easily.

As an alternative to spending a small fortune on a brand new set I love the idea of mix and match chairs – they look great, add a bit a character and work out much cheaper.  All you need is a bit of imagination, some hard work and… voila.

Check out this dining room that I spotted on A Punch of Colour Blog:

You can easily get a similar look:

Firstly hunt down some old and battered chairs on sites such as Ebay or  I found this set for £5.50 on Ebay:

…and has a huge range of old chairs to offer:

Secondly, hire a sander.  You can do this online at sites such as where you can hire a multipurpose sander for £38 for an entire week:

Thirdly, find the right colour wood paint for you and get painting:

This Crown, non-drip satin paint is only £5.48 from Homebase.

Obviously you cannot just throw a load of different colours and chairs together and hope that they work.

Here are a few top tips on how to avoid making your dining room look like your local thrift store:

*Use just one colour to tie together various styles of chair

Photo courtesy of A mad tea party with Alis
Photo courtesy of Apartment therapy

* Stick to one group of colours or pick 3 colours and repeat them around the table.

Photo courtesy of A mad tea party with Alis

*If you have a set of chairs and a couple of odd ones, put the odd ones at the ends of the table:

Photo courtesy of A mad tea party with Alis

*Use matching cushions:

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

*And finally, make sure the chairs are all roughly the same size:

Happy mix and matching!

May 18, 2010

making a home {chests and trunks}

With the housing market in the state it is in and the impossibility of getting a mortgage without a 10% deposit the majority of us Twenty Somethings are still renting or …ah-hem… living with our parents.  In rental accommodation storage is always a problem and we are also restricted on hanging anything from the walls and/or decorating.  Rather than buying cheap, ugly,  ready pack furniture I think it is a good idea to start collecting quality pieces of furniture that we can then take with us when we finally buy our first home.  It will also make our rented room more homely and personal.  We here at Twentysomethingyears think that chests/trunks make a great investment piece.  They can sit beautifully at the end of our bed – a space that is normally left empty – and provide more storage AND surface space.

Take a look at some of these examples –


House to Home


If you shop around there are some fabulous chests to suit every budget and taste.

Here are a few of my favourites –

…this gorgeous vintage wartime chest sold for just £16.51 on Ebay

…and this huge vintage trunk was at £25.95 on Ebay at time of writing.

If you are not much of a vintage lover you can also get some good quality new chests and trunks –

…This handmade banana fibre chest is £39.99 from Ikea

…and this Opus Mango Trunk is £99 from Next

For those of us with a bit more cash to spend –

… I love this gorgeous Vintage white cedar blanket chest from Etsy for $450

…and this Quartersawn Oak bench, $499, also from Etsy

April 30, 2010

My POA (Plan Of Action)

Having travelled, done uni, travelled a bit more, done some volunteering and lived abroad for a while I have finally landed myself a great job in Bristol and I am extremely excited about all that is to come in the next few years!

Bristol is a great city for twentysomethingers (or young professionals) and at about 40 minutes from my family home it feels like the ideal place for me to finally settle down and focus on making a life for myself.  Over the last 6 years I have lived the life of a nomad, never staying more than a few months in the same place and constantly missing something or someone.  I have had some fantastic experiences but now I feel like I´ve finally reached that twentysomething stage in life when I actually want to settle and make a home for myself.

It´s not going to be easy – mortgage rates are at a high, unemployment is at a high and public moral is at a low… but I am positive and I am sure that through hard work, persistence and a bit of inspiration it can be done.

I haven´t thought far ahead – my main aim at the moment is to SAVE; I will live with my parents for as long as I can bear, save as much as I can and go from there.

My first bit of research will be about the best saving accounts and as I find information and advice I will share (keep checking money stuff for any updates).

My other plan is to start collecting furniture, crockery, accessories and other bits and bobs for my home.  This is the bit I am MOST excited about!  I love interior design and my imagination is already running wild but I AM a novice so I am going to learn as I go along and will also share all my progress in the making a home category.

Right… here goes!