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May 6, 2010

happiness {more colouring in}

I have just discovered another colouring in book designed specifically for adults! It’s definately the next thing!

On the fabulous website thingswelove you can buy this very sophisticated colouring in book for £7

MS ELLIOTT, Colour me Good ART

It features work by Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Gilbert and George, Sarah Lucas, Tony Hart and Morph, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Michael Landy, Gavin Turk, Julian Opie, Grayson Perry and Ron Muek

May 5, 2010

happiness {rediscover your childhood creative side}

Who didn´t love colouring – in when you were little!?  NO-ONE!  It was the best thing ever –  making sure you coloured between the lines, selecting the appropriate colour… ahhh memories!  Well who says colouring-in should only be for children!?  NO-ONE!

A little bit of creative time now and then is important for people of all ages – not just for children!

Our picks of creative fun for Twentysomethingers:

(1) The Domestic Sluts have inspired our first pick with another fabulous Etsy find.

The old childhood favourite – colouring in (for adults):

Inbalimor Colouring Book

(2) Paint your own pottery, glaze it and take it home with you!  A favourite pastime of mine – the Glazydayz Pottery Cafe even organises hen parties:

Glazydayz Pottery Cafe in Ledbury, Gloucestershire

(3) If you´re that bit more serious about developing your creative side the Online Artcourses directory will help you to pick out the ideal course for you:

Artcourses directory

I am definitely going to invest in the colouring book – depending on how that goes I might consider classes!