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May 25, 2010

clothes {trilby-tastic}

I am loving Trilby hats at the moment.

Now the sun is out we have a great excuse to invest…

…we have to protect our skin from the harmful rays that can provoke premature ageing!

…and lets face it – they just look cool!

Here are a few of my favourites:

(1) £15, M&S // (2) £20, Topshop // (3) £6, Newlook // (4) £22, Topshop // (5) £17, Accessorize // (6) £15, Henry Holland at Debenhams // (7) £17, Accessorize // (8) £17, Accessorize // (9) £18, Accessorize

May 22, 2010

clothes {double denim}

Summer has finally arrived so I can finally whack out this little double denim number that I had stored away in the wardrobe:

This outfit not only works the double denim trend without making you look like something out of Saved by the Bell but also integrates the nautical trend.   A leather satchel *dreaming of Mulberry Alexa* and some great gladiator sandals would complete the look but I am still saving/searching for my ideal pair.

To get this look:

Bleached denim shirt, £30, Topshop // Vintage clock necklace, £20, Topshop // Alexa, £695, Mulberry

// Roxy high-waisted hotpants, £28, Topshop //

Bead strap vest, £18, Newlook // Tan lace up gladiator sandals, £30, Rocha.John Rocha, Debenhams

Men can also work the double denim trend.

Here´s how:

Levis Blue Western denim shirt, £70, Debenhams // White striped slouch vest, £12, Topman

Black skinny fit denim shorts, £26, Topman // Boatwheel necklace, £12, Topman // Brown gladiator sandals, £35, Topman

Happy double denim-ing!

May 14, 2010

fun stuff {happy weekend}

I would like to wear this outfit this weekend please.
I would also like the weather to be good enough to wear this outfit this weekend please.

Paintbrush flower playsuit, £38, Topshop // Rose headband, £8, Topshop

Rose buckle grosgrain belt, £15, Topshop // Neely bag, £650, Mulberry

Opening Ceremony Gladiator Oxford brogues, £230, Selfridges // Cameo charmed necklace, £10, Topshop

May 12, 2010

clothes {how to beach it glamorously}

Why is it that celebrities always look so glamorous and effortlessly cool when photographed on the beach but I just feel like I have sand in every crevice, scarecrow hair and beads of sweat rolling down my forehead, not to mention the constant boob-flashing in an effort to avoid strapmarks!?

Well I have been doing some deep-thinking about how to avoid these beach quandaries and I have come up with my 10 step checklist to avoid above discomforts.

1) Carry a straw stand up beach bag such as this beauty by Monsoon:

Crochet Straw Basket, £30 Monsoon

The beach bag for me is the most important – pick a straw stand up basket that will not fall in the sand and you will avoid carrying half the beach around with you.

2) Safely store your valuables in a zip up purse such as this little number I discovered on The Pod Company website:

ZPM Handy Slim, £12, The Pod Company

This will stop sand getting in valuable and delicate items such as phones, cameras and mp3 players.

3)Take a massive beach towel:

Jacquard Beach Towels, £12, Next

The bigger the beach towel the less chance you have of sand getting into your crevices.  I love the pink leopard print one in the bottom left-hand corner!

4) Wear a big hat such as this lovely floppy hat from Topshop:

Holey Weave Floppy Hat, £20, Topshop

The hat is super important too!  This will stop you getting hot and bothered and sweaty and it will also hide any hair disasters.  Furthermore it will help prevent wrinkles in the long-run.

5) Sunglasses

Ray-Ban CATS 5000, £93.79, Sunglasses Shop

Sunglasses protect your eyes from sun-damage and just look cool!  I´m loving these new style Ray-Bans and you can get them in loads of great colours – one to go with every bikini … I wish!

6) Take a lightweight breezy cover-up such as this on-trend zebra print kaftan, also from Monsoon:

Zebra Print Kaftan, £30, Monsoon

Contra to common British belief you actually feel hotter when the sun is directly hitting your skin so light weight breezy cover ups will help keep you cool if you start feel hot and agitated.

7) A beach umbrella will provide much-needed shade:

This umbrella is from, but it is probably worth waiting until you get to your destination to buy one – Ryanair will probably charge you a fortune to check it in!

8 ) Wear a different style bikini everyday to avoid strapmarks:

White Button Bandeau Bikini Top, £10, Topshop

By changing the cut of the bikini everyday you will avoid horrific strapmarks.  Obviously certain cuts do not suit certain shapes so you have to take this into account when choosing.  If you are planning a particularly active beach day I like the Bandeau style tops as you can tuck the straps in to avoid strapmarks and it will not flash boob when you are jumping around playing beach ball!

9) Always have a gorgeous hair band on you to neatly tuck your hair away if it starts getting rebelious:

Banzai Tropic Flower Bando, £10, Monsoon

10) Carry the correct sun protection and products for you:

Clinique Sun Protection Body Cream, £17 // Clinique Target Protect Sun Stick SPF35, £15

Clinique Sun Protection Face Cream, £15 // Toni & Guy Rapid Response Leave-In Conditioner £1.95

All from Boots

I personally like the Clinique skin products but you can buy any.  I always think it is important to have a specialized one for the face as the skin on the face is more sensitive to the rest of your body.  The Clinique Target Protect stick is also great as you can use if for all the spots that have a tendency to burn such as the nose and the lips.  Last but not least, make sure you invest in a leave-in conditioner to avoid that scarecrow look!

May 2, 2010

clothes {hareem pants}

I bought this outfit a while ago and I have been desperate to give it its first outing, however I felt that the weather had to be really sunny to make it appropriate!

The look is working 2 key trends for SS10; the crop top and hareem pants.  Both can be extremely risky but I think this outfit is perfectly wearable.  The crop top is not too cropped and the hareem pants not too overstated.  Limited accessories and a classic mulberry bag finish off the ideal summer daytime look.

To get this look:

Drape pocket hareem pants £38, Topshop // Cropped vest £15, Topshop // Bayswater bag, oak natural leather, £595, Mulberry // Vintage clock necklace £20, Topshop //  Hilary plaited sandals £28, also from Topshop //

Men can also work this trend:

Actual hareem pants may not be workable but these pleated chinos discreetly hint at the hareem style trouser while the simple off-white top and the classic satchel and sandals add the perfect complements to an on-trend SS10 outfit.

BDG Slim Pleated Chino £45, Urban Outfitters // Slouch Vest £10, Topman // Neo Leather bag £89.95, White Stuff // Hudson Verso Vechetta Brown Sandal £60, Urban Outfitters //