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May 30, 2010

happiness {Sunday breakfast}

Image House to Home

Have a great Sunday!

May 28, 2010

fun stuff {Friday five}

Our Friday Five this week is actually six because we couldn´t decide which one should go….

…Six of the best SUMMER songs from the past!

If you are getting ready to go somewhere tonight whack these up LOUD… they will bring back some great memories and I think we have got something in there for everyone!

Len: Steal My Sunshine

The Drifters : Under the Boardwalk

Nelly feat. City Spud : Ride Wit Me

Mungo Jerry : In the Summertime

Snoopdog feat. Pharell : Beautiful

Toploader : Dancing in the Moonlight

Have a great bank holiday weekend!

May 3, 2010

happiness {bank holiday}

Let´s face it – bank holidays are great!  And as the UK is one of the countries that ranks globally as having the fewest public holidays us Brits like to make the most of it.  Generally we cram the weekend full of activities and visits to family and friends and arrive back at work on Tuesday even more exhausted than when the weekend started.  As a kid I remember that I would always get confused when glumly packing my bag for school on the Monday night and would end up with all my Monday books instead of my Tuesday ones!

I always think that the key to a great bank holiday weekend is really thinking about what makes you happy.  Here´s a few examples:

{lie-ins}  As Bright.Bazaar blogger wrote about last week, some days you just feel like curling up in bed and watching your favourite series back to back.  If this is the case – do it!  Don´t feel like you should be doing something just because it’s a bank holiday – you´ve got a whole extra day don´t forget.

{picnics} I always dream of the idyllic picnic laid out under a shady tree on a sunny spring day.  Homemade sandwiches, sausages rolls, cakes and a bottle of  bubbly –  all of which has been elegantly carried to the spot in this gorgeous Cath Kidston hamper:

…normally things never go to plan; I end up carrying all the food in plastic bags as I cannot afford this beautiful hamper, the sandwiches go soggy, the only bubbles that touch my lips come in the form of a can of warm Fanta and we get attacked my a swarm of ants!  However as long as the weather´s nice and you´re in the right company picnics are always fun… Cath Kidston hamper or not.

{family and friends}  Normally I find I am happiest among family and close friends.  Others may feel happiest as far away as they can get from the in-laws, but what´s important is that you spend the weekend with people who make you happy!  Obviously one is obliged to pay the family the odd visit, but that does not mean that your whole weekend has to be lost to it!

{long pub lunch}  Now by writing this I am in no way encouraging drinking.  But a cheeky afternoon at the pub is a great way of spending a Sunday (or Monday)- accompanied by family and friends.  It is also a fantastic all-weather activity; snuggle up by the fire on a rainy day or lap up the sun in the beer garden on a nice day.

{me time}  If you never get any time to yourself a three-day weekend is the perfect opportunity to have a bit of a pampering session.  This doesn´t cost much money AND its a great thing to do if the weather is bad.  The Anatomicals range is great for a bit of TLC:

(1) Farewell the Scarlet Pimplehell Cleansing Mud Mask, £6.95

(2) Don’t look Like your Ma Home Spa Pampering Kit, £11.95

(3) No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel, £2.99.  (All from The Pod Company)

{DIY} There is nothing like that sense of achievement when you complete something (that actually stands up) with your own hands.  Even if you think that you´re not much of a DIY expert I bet you will actually feel quite pleased with yourself when you stand back to admire something that you have made with your own bare hands.  If your DIY skills are of a similar standard to Homer Simpson´s then this book might come in handy:

Available from £8.25 at Amazon UK

We would love to hear about your ideas for a happy bank holiday weekend!