making a home {chests and trunks}

With the housing market in the state it is in and the impossibility of getting a mortgage without a 10% deposit the majority of us Twenty Somethings are still renting or …ah-hem… living with our parents.  In rental accommodation storage is always a problem and we are also restricted on hanging anything from the walls and/or decorating.  Rather than buying cheap, ugly,  ready pack furniture I think it is a good idea to start collecting quality pieces of furniture that we can then take with us when we finally buy our first home.  It will also make our rented room more homely and personal.  We here at Twentysomethingyears think that chests/trunks make a great investment piece.  They can sit beautifully at the end of our bed – a space that is normally left empty – and provide more storage AND surface space.

Take a look at some of these examples –


House to Home


If you shop around there are some fabulous chests to suit every budget and taste.

Here are a few of my favourites –

…this gorgeous vintage wartime chest sold for just £16.51 on Ebay

…and this huge vintage trunk was at £25.95 on Ebay at time of writing.

If you are not much of a vintage lover you can also get some good quality new chests and trunks –

…This handmade banana fibre chest is £39.99 from Ikea

…and this Opus Mango Trunk is £99 from Next

For those of us with a bit more cash to spend –

… I love this gorgeous Vintage white cedar blanket chest from Etsy for $450

…and this Quartersawn Oak bench, $499, also from Etsy


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